May 18 – June 7, 2019
QUAID, Tampa, FL

Press Release:

QUAID Gallery presents Rapscallion, a group exhibition of work by thirteen Tampa-based millennial artists.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that humanity only has eleven years to cut carbon emissions to zero if we want to avoid the catastrophic repercussions of warming the planet above 2℃. The three richest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 50% of the country combined. The internet both radicalizes our family members, and ensures that an egg holds the world record for most likes on Instagram rather than Kylie Jenner. Rapscallion observes a civilization on the cusp of total collapse and replies, “yikes, lol… mood.”

In Rapscallion, thirteen artists, working across media, come to terms with the realization that the world once promised to them for the easy price of “working hard” will probably shit its own asshole before the century ends. As with the Dadaists of the early 20th century who experienced the unimaginable horrors of World War 1 and the Neo-Dadaists who witnessed the emergence of consumer culture and mass consumption in the 1950s, the prevailing millennial impulse is to answer the cruelly dismal state of affairs by embracing its characteristic absurdism. However, unlike the Dada and Neo-Dada movements, Dada 3.0 (💩.0) is made up of artists who know no world other than one defined by constant war, economic anxiety, unabashed consumerism, and the awareness of our collective impending doom courtesy of our parents’ generation’s brazen stupidity, greed, or both.

A shared acknowledgement of this reality unites the work in Rapscallion, which ranges from irreverent to absurd to completely meaningless. In equal parts critique and celebration, we embrace the unease and uncertainty of the contemporary moment, preparing ourselves in case we fail to reverse course in time. Rapscallion cozies up to both a new nihilism and a familiar materialism. If this is all there is, if this is the best we can do, then we would prefer it be a Balenciaga Triple S melting on the pavement underneath us.

Featured Artists: Michael Andruzzi, Catalina Cheng, Rachel Coderre, Evan Cooper, Courtney Hartle, Junkyrd, Kate Kinder, Travis Knight, Macy Eats Paint, Jeanine Patrick, Libbi Ponce, Andres Ramirez, and Emiliano Settecasi
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