Influenced by contemporary design, the iconography of branding and advertising, and the Baroque, my work occupies a gray area between painting and sculpture, highbrow and lowbrow, art and craft, representation and abstraction. Often an exercise in making aesthetically pleasing but non-functional objects out of typically utilitarian media, my work reflects my fascination with consumer culture, high fashion, semiotics, Floridian aesthetics, and the idea of wealth. Colloquial materials like papier-mâché, plywood, and acrylic house paint offer viewers an access point into otherwise ambiguous forms or subjects, and contrast lofty, and sometimes sumptuous themes. Minimalist compositions that are not immediately familiar give rise to a multiplicity of readings. Similarly, but in a nastier way, old, overweight, naked men in my work perform the role of gross tabulae rasae onto whom I can project society's woes, triumphs, and absurdist tendencies.




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